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Interior/Exterior Log Staining

Log home stain restoration: It's what we do. Whether your home is a handcrafted log home from British Columbia, Square log, Rectangular log, Round log, Swedish Cope, D-Log, or log-sided, 8650Restoration has you covered with our  stain services.

Interior/Exterior Painting

Just as stains can fade or wear with time and environmental changes, so can your interior or exterior paint. 8650 Restoration offers interior and exterior painting to coat your home's surfaces with fresh paint.

Media Blasting

To ensure your new finish products perform their best, proper wood surface preparation is a must. We offer abrasive media blasting services to remove the old, failed finish in the quickest, most efficient way possible. We source environmentally responsible abrasives, such as 100% silica free crushed glass or crushed walnut shells. Trust our commercial-grade surface prep equipment to deliver on your next restoration!

Interior Wood Surfaces

In the winter, Team 8650 moves indoors to restore interior wooden walls and hardwood floors. Are your classic wood floors worn out and looking grey, old, and tired? 8650 Restoration can bring just about any floor to new life! 

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