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Joe is a family man, music studio owner, musician, IT tech guy, ahh heck whatever you need he's got your back!  He loves when people are working towards their best version of their self, especially if he helped by getting out of the way!  A budding serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses, he's up to the challenge of seeing your home be the best version it can be.


Team 8650

Every May through the month of September, Team 8650 selects an elite few who get to assist us in restoring some of the most beautiful homes in the Southwest US.

We work hard.

We work extremely long days and are super detail-oriented.

We don't suffer complainers or people that say things like "I need some time for me."

You have to love logs and homes and hard work, and hotdogs and steaks cooked over a campfire after a beautiful 15 hour day.

Give us a shout if that's you.


Jeff Jeffus


"Jeffus" is a gear head, adventurer, outdoors-man, musician, and writer. The list of things he has restored are endless.

Restoring log homes and cabins deep in the woods is a passion, and the time he spends with Team 8650 in beautiful places is his time with God.


Joe Camacho

Owner and CEO

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