Quinten Keihne

Team 8650 Lead

We call him "Q.'

Quinten is a big furry bundle of joy, bringing smiles to everyone at the job site, and is our deck carpentry lead. He's a world traveler, a father, and a husband.

He also slappas da bass mon.

Q eats a burrito every damn day and has been with 8650 since the beginning. He also brings enough burritos for others, should they forget lunch.

We love this guy and his family.

Tobias Jeffus

Team 8650 Member

Tobias, or "Tubbs" as we call him is a skater, eater, musician and rock climber. He was born in Ohio, but claims Colorado.

Team 8650 has a thing called a "Crystal Princess Party" which is when we clear coat a home after it is stained. No company in the industry does a better job at this than 8650 Restoration. 

Tobias is Lead Point Person on how much Crystal Princess gets applied. After all, the party was named after him.

Alex Newman

Team 8650 Member

Alex is our latest and youngest of our Log Home Roughnecks to join the Team.  An overcomer of challenges, he no longer bats an eye at high elevations; heights which used to snarl at him from above.  A practitioner of Martial Arts, Alex looks old stain in the eye with the focus and confidence of a prize fighter.  He earned the title of Burny Sanders for most orbital sanders burned out...may they rest in peace.


Clayton Jeffus

Team 8650 Lead

Clayton loves the morning and can't live without his coffee.

He is often seen talking to sweet animals and loves to drive beautiful old European cars. Clayton does some dangerous stuff for 8650, and he likes to say," dangerous is as dangerous does."

He's an incredible singer, chef and skateboarder, but has yet to be discovered by the world.

Clayton has assisted in restoring houses and cars since he was 13 years old.


Lori Stewart

Team 8650 Member

 Lori is that person that squeaks like a mouse when she laughs, and it brings smiles to everyone in the room. She always has a good attitude towards the day, claiming to those that are down, "You fools need Jesus," and she means it. Lori became part of Team 8650 last year, and we love her bunches, and hope that she can someday sell her Mazda and get a real truck.

Joe Camacho

Owner and CEO

Joe is a family man, music studio owner, musician, IT tech guy, ahh heck whatever you need he's got your back!  He loves when people are working towards their best version of their self, especially if he helped by getting out of the way!  A budding serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses, he's up to the challenge of seeing your home be the best version it can be.


Seasonal Crew

Team 8650

Every May through the month of September, Team 8650 selects an elite few who get to assist us in restoring some of the most beautiful homes in the Southwest US.

We work hard.

We work extremely long days and are super detail-oriented.

We don't suffer complainers or people that say things like "I need some time for me."

You have to love logs and homes and hard work, and hotdogs and steaks cooked over a campfire after a beautiful 15 hour day.

Give us a shout if that's you.


Jeff Jeffus

 Founder, Sales

"Jeffus" is a gear head, adventurer, outdoors-man, musician, and writer. The list of things he has restored are endless.

Restoring log homes and cabins deep in the woods is a passion, and the time he spends with Team 8650 in beautiful places is his time with God.


Megan Jeffus

Boss, Logistics

Megan is a builder, mathematician, cellist, and gardener.

If there is a problem? Yo, she'll solve it.

She keeps the business end of Team 8650 running, jumps in as crew boss when Jeff gets his yearly injury from being a daredevil, and keeps our customers and employees happy.